The Satisfying Snack

The Pie Sandwich

I thought I'd write about a subject which is very close to mine and many blokes hearts and that is food. Food is vital to pretty much everything but only if it is the right kind of food. I'm going to open many peoples eyes with what I write now and hopefully introduce many of you to a not so nutritious but incredibly taste filled snack which is the simple pie sandwich. As a concept it is incredibly self explanatory with an even easier ingredients list, only requiring a pie of your choosing (preferably savory) and two slices of bread, again of your choosing. You can even spice it up with gravy, mushy peas or curry sauce but this does make the eating of said sandwich highly impractical. If I haven't already convinced you of the merits of the pie sandwich take a minute to view this image and tell me that it wouldn't help with a hangover.

For the hungover lad, the hungry man and every northern person in England this snack is the perfect way to put a smile on your face and an extra strain on your heart. If you are feint of heart you can start with a simple pork pie bap or sausage roll roll and steadily build yourself up towards this daunting tower of cholesterol. There is one thing I've learnt about life in my few years on this earth and it is to always treat yourself and do what feels right and this is definitely one of those things that feels right when it enters your mouth. If you need further convincing this was the first meal I made for my girlfriend and she's still with me now so I must have done something right by introducing bread and pastry into her life. Girls can keep theirs salads and vegetarians can keep their, well, salads but I would happily take this over any of that with a refreshing bottle of beer after work to relax and wind down.


Anonymous said…
Fun read, would like to see some more though
Anonymous said…
I never understood the idea behind savory pies. Pies are meant to be sweet treats. Don't mess with nature.