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Paris - Do's and Dont's

Bonjour and welcome once more. Recently I received many brownie points by taking my lady to the city of love, the capital of romance, the pinnacle of passion. That's right, Paris. From this week long trip I've definitely decided on a few Do's and Dont's you're going to want to abide by whilst out there to make it all the more enjoyable.

Do - Eat.

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Eat everything. Stuff your face. For one you're on holiday and two the French know how to indulge on food. It's not even plain or boring food. It's all satisfying and taste filled delicacies which you can look to savour in your mouth. I mean, look at breakfasts for instance, pastries galore. Would you want a bowl of shredded wheat or a croissant filled with chocolate for breakfast with a nice coffee on the side? I know my choice. Fancy a snack? Crepes on every corner. Want to go for a nice meal? Small and large restaurants of all varieties as far as the eye can see. Want to ignore culture and go for a McDonalds still? You can. Even the milk in supermarkets is creamier and worse for you. I would like to add on a slightly negative note however that frogs legs are overrated, there's nothing to them, they're just a gimmick and are more bone than meat. Also I wasn't brave enough for the snails. Why go for garden creatures over a steak? I mean steak's a no brainer.

Don't - Expect the Louvre Museum to be a quick trip.

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My oh my, what a surprise. Firstly, don't got on a Tuesday, it's shut for some unknown reason, must be a French thing. When you do go you are about to be investing a lot of time into some serious art. I'm not a big art fan, thought it was a waste of time as a subject at school, however you can't help but marvel at these massive paintings that are displayed all over the walls. You're walking for what seems like miles looking at these images trying to find hers truly, that's right, the Mona Lisa. More on her later. We not only got in for free being under the age of 26 but we found out you're allowed to take pictures of whatever you want. This was crazy in our eyes. There were even people lying on the floor sketching some of these great works of art. Now I'm not going to lie once you've seen one painting of a bunch of naked dudes lying around eating grapes you've seen them all but there was so much more to look at. Statues, ancient bath tubs and architecture all over the place. Then we made it to the least meaningful smile on a painting you have ever seen, the Mona Lisa. People were shoving to get in front of the masses for a selfie with the miserable sod. Mental.

Do - Leg Day at the Eiffel Tower.

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Now you may be thinking what do I mean by this? You're meant to be looking at this fantastic, erect structure of steel and marveling in it's glory. This Do is in reference to getting to the top of this bad boy. There's the lifts which sound more relaxing and stress free but my oh my the ques for them are crazy. So what's the other option? That's right, the many, many, many stairs of this enormous tower. Sounds daunting until you realise there is barely anyone as crazy or active as you so the ques are not even half as bad. It's also a great chance to work on legs and bum. Never skip leg day as they say. You kind of feel like you've achieved something more when you get to each floor, you conquered this. This is your Everest, albeit less cold and dangerous, and you smashed it. Not going to lie but visiting this is a must do, even though I'm sure you know that. The views are fantastic and you can see the city in all it's glory.

Don't - Be Offended by the Locals.

It's an amazing, picturesque city but the locals are used to this. They aren't staring around in amazement. This is just another bustling day in their life except with us annoying tourists pottering around in their way. Now one story that emphasised this is when I saw a man walking two of the most beautiful, large dogs by his side. I thought, they could do with a bit of attention. Big mistake. Quick as a flash the local gent gave me the biggest look of disgust you can imagine, as if I had stolen his food and thrown it to the floor, and said, "I would not touch your woman like that." He indicated toward my girlfriend before storming off. Bit of a culture shock but this was still better than the other example. Sitting in a fancy restaurant eating an exquisite meal the waitress came over and said to my lady, "You are so beautiful." That seem's nice enough doesn't it? Didn't help my girlfriends ego but there you go. However we sussed out this waitresses master plan later in the night. Bringing our bill to the table (tip is included by the way) she asked if we would like to tip her, glancing over at my girlfriend with a knowing look as she said this. We said no as it was included and she stormed off never to be seen again. Oh well, as per the first DO the food was still lovely and we were stuffed to the brim. This does somewhat paint everyone with the same brush and there were plenty of people who were lovely and helped us with our queries, just don't be offended at the ones who don't.

Do - Romance.

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Come on, you come to the city of love and you're not going to be romantic? What's the point? You get a long way with a bit of romance I'll tell you that for free. There are so many quaint cafes and romantic hot spots you can visit. You have no excuse. Chuck a lock on a bridge with your initials on it, may not mean much to you at the time but you'll always be there. Even the hardest of men, and women, need to let out their soft side now and then and what better opportunity to do so?

There we go, a quick and semi serious guide to one of Europe's most popular cities. If you want a slightly better guide I would advise viewing this video for more details - it all in and enjoy yourself if you ever have the opportunity to go. If you follow these Do's and Dont's you can't go wrong. Au Revoir as they say.


Ri said…
Love this post it makes me want to go to Paris!! Also the best bit... do: eat! I totally agree. French food is the business!
Amazing city, we're looking to explore as many cities as we can really. Thanks for the feedback as well.