WWE - A Man's Soap Opera

Wrestling. Often ridiculed for being a fake sport by many people who haven't watched it before. I would like the opportunity to guide you on why this isn't just a great sport but also the perfect masculine alternative to all the soap operas you see on television.

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So, when two men are assaulting one another in the middle of the ring in the name of entertainment this is deemed fake however when Susan or Deidre have a little scrap in Coronation Street thousands of people are invested despite this being the exact same. Well, the exact same only a lot more tedious. How do they resolve their differences? By shouting or pushing one another around a bit. I mean, look at the image above, even the guy in the background can't be bothered to act like he cares. How do they resolve differences in the wrestling world? By smashing a chair into one another's backs. Now which one sounds like the manliest one to watch and enjoy with a cold beer?

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Another argument I hear on a regular basis regards the fact it's just a bunch of grown men lathered up in oil hugging one another. Well if I had a body like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's you're damn right I'd be lathering that bad boy up to show off every single toned aspect. I'd want that temple of mine to glisten in the sun. I'd live topless. Next you can see that not only do wrestlers brawl but they also flip, lift, dive and put their bodies on the line for the sake of entertainment. Do you see Keith doing a back flip off the bar in the local Emmerdale pub? No. Do you see Norma super kicking the local village bad guy in Hollyoaks? No. Even when they resolve their differences verbally in the wrestling world it's a lot more entertaining, the live crowds joining in with every catchphrase and supporting who they wish.

From the outside people also assume the female division is there purely for the sexual appeal and whilst that used to be the case this is no longer true. I mean even UFC star Rounda Rousey has recently joined the WWE due to the pedigree of the athletes involved. That and she's lost credibility in the UFC but still. Anything the men can do the women are also allowed to do and are proving themselves to be athletes and entertainers in their own right. Not only this but the women in TV are also objectified. Unfortunately this is something which always happens and will continue to do so however WWE are doing their best to make this a thing of the past. Let's be honest as well, they're athletes, they are going to be getting attention.

As fake as this industry is deemed to be that isn't the point. It's meant to be an alternative to your regular sports as this is also an entertainment business. You're meant to invest into your favorite characters and follow the stories which unravel on screen, exactly as if you were watching a soap opera. This industry created superstars on the big screen such as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Dave Bautista who crafted their abilities within the wrestling world. How do you think 'The Rock' became so charismatic?

So if you want something to watch, something which can rival what garbage is on TV and provide a manly alternative then look no further. I also want to add I'm not an avid wrestling fan. I don't live in my mums basement and collect all the toys however I do follow it alongside mainstream sports such as football or tennis. If you feel like you want a drama to watch, a spectacle to enjoy, a sport to savour then don't watch a movie, don't watch a Soap, watch the drama of the WWE instead. You may find this carnival of chaos, this showcase of toned torso's to be exactly what you need.

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Anonymous said…
A unique view on the WWE that's for sure! Good read and a good laugh.
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Unknown said…
It's, after all, the"largest fight in UFC history."

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