West Highland Terrier - The Pedigree Dog?

I think if you have a dog you're a good person, regardless of the breed you went for. I know what I've said about the guinea pig being the secret manly pet but the dog is the pet in the public eye which is manliest of all. They're not called mans best friend for no reason. You can't really argue with that either. However there is such a wide array of breeds you don't know where to start. I'm going to throw the hat in for the West Highland Terrier. More commonly known as the Westie, this is the breed of dog which will bring joy, happiness and companionship to your life regardless of your situation.

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You may have noticed however there is a Westie in my picture. His name is Dexter. He's not mine, I only wish, however he belongs to my girlfriend and we have a special bond so I feel qualified enough to speak of his breeds merits. He does whatever he can to make me and everyone around him happy, making sure to say hello to everyone who walks past. He definitely deserves some credit which I am now looking to bestow upon him and his kind.

Firstly look at this little guy. Those eyes could melt through the sternest heart I tell you that. This picture without Dexter would just be an average picture however his handsome appearance only helps enhance it. Their white fur allows them to stand out however they have hints of colour to them as well, just look at his ginger beard. When dirty they're not snow white but still look rough and ready, like a jeep which has been off road. It just looks natural. This is Dexter as a four-year old dog, looking rugged and ravishing. Imagine him as a puppy. Below is an image of my main man Dexter as young little puppy. Startling in his cuteness and as adorable as anything you ever did see. Looking like a little cloud with legs and button eyes.

If you're single and bob a picture of this little man upon your Instagram you're definitely going to find your Facebook status changing within the next week or so. You'll at least find some messages in your inbox from some sexy senorita. Imagine taking this bundle or joy or Dexter for a walk. You're going to be finding you receive a lot more attention and looks your way. You might as well be walking a sign which flashes saying, "Owner of cute and handsome dog looking for attention." That's not a bad thing either. Use the tools at your disposal and let me tell you, the Westie is a tool that won't let you down.

Characterful isn't great enough a word to describe them and their personality. Now don't get my wrong I know every dog is different however I know the Westie definitely isn't boring. Again this maybe biased due to my 4 year relationship with Dexter however I've seen him grow into a man. His attitude is infectious as he always puts you and others before himself whilst maintaining his positive approach to it all. I mean you even sneeze and he'll come running to your side making sure to kiss you better thinking you're ill. Like all dogs you will get a very wet and affectionate greeting at the door when you enter with plenty of excitement. When you leave he'll be staring through the window waiting until you return wondering what he did wrong not to be taken along.

That's the caring side of his character but there is oh so much more. Westies love to play. They're right little rascals who will do whatever they can to tug or fetch or wrestle with a toy or yourself. When you take them for walks they don't want to walk, they want to run. When we take Dexter to our local park he goes off bounding through the long grass just happy to be alive and well. We've tried to get him back on his lead before however he has found great joy in running around us just out of reach, finding the whole situation hilarious as his tail wagged ferociously. I kid you not this went on for a good 20 minutes until we finally got him. We started by being mad at him but within minutes this madness had faded into laughter at the fun he'd brought. Not one to mope around, despite this picture suggesting otherwise, they're definitely a lot of fun to be with on a rainy day.

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They have a very independent side as well. If Dexter want's to be in your room he'll decide as much and if not well good look keeping him their. If he is on your bed do you think he minds where he lies? No. He consistently decides to lie across our faces just because he can. Guess who's too soft to do anything about this? We are. You can't handle the cuteness that's for sure. Like parent's who appear on Super Nanny we just can't say no. He want's a walk? He'll just stare us down until we give in.

That's not to say they aren't intelligent either. On the contrary Dexter has picked up numerous tricks as simple as you like meaning he can sit, lie, kiss, high 5 and shake your hand on demand. Impressive. They also say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but have they said anything about a new saying? You just need to mention walkies, food, treat, daddies here or most importantly pub and his tail will be wagging with what almost looks like a grin on his face. I mean, a Westie won Crufts recently, what more evidence do you need than that really?

So that is my love affair with the Westie over maybe some of the more popular breeds such as Pugs and Labradors. Whatever dog you go for however, make sure you look after it like you would a child because lets be honest, they practically are one. 

P.s. All credit to the images go to Dexter, a model if ever I did see one.


Anonymous said…
Who doesn't love dogs?!
Unknown said…
Ahh super cute post, your dog is absolutely gorgeous and such a cutie pie x
Thanks! It's my girlfriends dog but he is still important to me as well. Hope you enjoyed!
Rambling Woman said…
Who doesn't love dogs? Dexter is so cute!
Lottie said…
OMG so cute! Your absolutely right dog people are generally nice people. I’d say we own a bulldog but the truth is he owns us in pretty much the same way you describe your girlfriends dog owning you lol, only I’d say ours comes with a lot more slobber & flatulence ( which is why he’s described as Flatulent Bulldog on my blog!) but we love him anyway!