Family Members

Why Your Gran is Your Main Man.

Family is important to everyone, I'm not even a big family man myself however I can see how I would be lost without them. There is such a wide range of family members and everyone will have their own favourites however I can confirm who your favourite should be. Also, don't lie, you know you have a favourite. That's right though, it's your gran. Your gran is your main man and I can confirm why that is below. Your grandad too but he's the more relaxed of the two that's for sure. He's a man but your gran is the man.

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Forget your mum. Forget your dad. Forget your siblings. Forget your best friend even. Your gran is all of these and more without any of the negative aspects. Just think about it. No matter your age your mum will always be on your case regarding something. It's in her nature. "Are you making sure to clean your teeth?" or, "Have you done your homework?" or, "Have you been outside?" Just some of the constant nags and niggles that come from her direction. You don't even have to be living at home and you'll still get questioned on a regular basis. She's over you like a parental shadow. Not your gran. Her house is a spa in comparison. You go round and she'll set you up a nice seat with a cup of tea and biscuits straight by your side. Mention the fact you've only had a round of toast for breakfast and cake will be served instantly. Your mum bangs on about eating healthy and your gran will only tell you off if you don't finish her home made sticky toffee pudding. I know what I would prefer. Half the time you even get a doggy bag to take home with some of your favourite snacks and sometimes even a little money as she is ever so proud of everything you do. She'll also see the good in what you're doing regardless of what it is rather than critiquing what you may have done in error.

Your dad? He's a good man, but he's a man. Don't bring him any emotional problems or bug him with meaningless nonsense. He's probably had a busy day at work and just fancies his tea, a drink and bit of peace at home. You come along and start rambling on about how many Facebook likes you got on your latest picture. He won't be impressed. Guess who doesn't work anymore though? That's right, your gran. Guess who doesn't have a clue how Facebook works or even what it is but will still show genuine interest in what you're saying? That's right, your gran. Of course your dad loves you but he show's it in a different way. Your gran is like a protective goose who will smoother you in love and always look out for you. Not only that but when it's get to much and she may be smothering you with too much love, if that is a thing, you can actually leave. How simple is that? How foolproof is that?

Your best friend is always there for you. They've always got your back. However they do also like to dig you out and insult you. You have to have banter with your mates, that's part of the parcel. Sometimes though you don't fancy this, maybe you're having a down day and you actually want some nice words of encouragement. In comes your gran. Super gran to the rescue. You go round and she'll massage your ego and you'll come out feeling 2 foot taller. She's always on your side. She won't put her relationship ahead of you or moan about her problems, she's always there. Just want to clarify your grandad is as well just in a more laid back manner. She'll only see your side of any argument and big you up in any way possible. What are grans for? 

Siblings are the exception because they can actually steal the attention away from the grandparents. You don't want to share this love. You don't want to share this food. How dare they? Plus who knows who's side she's going to take in any family dispute. This is the only time you have to graft your gran in order to be at the top of the pecking order and get the best gifts. In all seriousness she'll always look to share the love equally between you and all the other grandchildren. They're good like that.

So there you go, if you're having post breakup distress or you're in need of food go to your gran. If you haven't heard anything nice for a while or want to escape to a world where lost slippers is the biggest stress go to your gran. If you want to moan about friends or work or family then go to your gran. She's the man for the job.