High School Musical?

High School Musical? More Like High School Mansical

I know I know, this is a blog entitled Average Bloke Blogger. I also know bloke is not a word you would associate with any of the High School Musical films. I understand that. I am very much of the male gender and enjoy stereotypical manly things such as football, beer and the gym. However I can't lie and I have to admit I have a soft spot for the shenanigans and songs that stem from Disney's High School Musical franchise. You may or may not have seen this film however I am going to explain as to why this is more manly that it seems on the tin. This is the ultimate tale of tragedy, romance, ecstasy and ambition. Still don't believe me that this is actually a guys film in disguise? This may be one of my toughest challenges yet but I will try my best to explain why this is actually the case.

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The boys. You've got Zac Efron a.k.a Troy Bolton. He's your typical lad right? Wrong. He is so much more. School sporting superstar and musically talented to boot he should be an inspiration for us all. Especially as all the while he maintains such soft and slick hair. Then you got the geezer with an afro Chad, what more can I say? He has an afro for one. He's also got an eye for the ladies, enjoys a good game of basketball like Troy boy and even queries all the dancing/singing numerous times. He's the voice of the average male observer. Then it's the dude with the flat cap thing going on. Camp as you like but without a care, he shows us males a thing or two about how to be comfortable in our own bodies. They can all dance, they can all sing and most of them get a romantic fling. Shows you that being comfortable enough in yourself to not only be a sports star but a music star is a one way ticket to lady town. What an inspiration you boys. Hat's off to you.

Dancing is also one of the best exercises you can do. It works on many parts of the body and burns so many calories you can't help but be impressed with your rock hard abs after a couple of months. I mean I don't dance but I sure wish I could. I've only really mastered the dad dance and it doesn't have the same effect. Plus have you seen male dancers? They're all swanky and acting cool all the time. They've got sensual body movements for sure. Look how Zac Efron developed from teenage boy to man. That journey all started from a thrust of the pelvic region and a little rhythm. Also you're telling me you don't want to look like that? Manly if you ask me. Just imagine these in a nightclub in England, they'd unite us all into one big flash mob inspired dancing routine before we knew what hit us. Trend setters and hip shakers.

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These lot all seem to be at party after party as well. What do they do when they win the high school basketball competition thing? Partay! What do they do when they go and work at summer camp? Partay! What do they do when they've nailed the cheesiest song? That's right, partay! Proper social butterflies. Shows you that if you can sing in tune you're on for a winner in the popular circle. I know Disney wouldn't show it but I reckon Troy and afro dude have a great couple of drinking games and tell each other how much they love one another lying on the grass at 3am. It's definitely not water in those plastic red cups. You can imagine a lot going on behind the scenes. It's a modern version of Grease in my eyes, just catered for the 21st century. No one knocked the T-Birds, hell they had leather jackets and everything. Just look at these guys as the new order.

On the topic of drink have you ever watched High School Musical after a night out? Feeling a little bit intoxicated you bust it on and lie back. At first you're feeling rough as you've been out all night and it's now the early hours of the morning. It doesn't take long however until your mood has already begun to lift, it's like Eurovision in the fact you want to hate it but the more you try the more you love it. Soon you're dancing around your bedroom with your dog, singing into your hairbrush and celebrating every characters big moment. If you live with your parents they aren't happy but man what a way to top a night out. Especially if you have yourself some cheesy chips.

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You know what, I think I've put forward a decent enough argument there as to why this is a lot manlier than it seems on the surface. Everyone deserves a guilty pleasure and this is one of mine. I just don't think I need to feel guilty about it anymore, if anything I should be proud. Well it's out in the open now anyways. So in the immortal words of Chad/Afro Boy and Troy Bolton, "What Team? Wildcats! What Team? Wildcats? What Team? Wildcats! Wildcats, get your head in the game"


Anonymous said…
So good to see this sort of post! I love High School Musical and I don't think it should be limited to gender stereotypes! Well presented points here :)