Mario Kart

Mario Kart is the Perfect Game for Any Gamer

I'm a big gamer. Not a live in my mum's basement kind of gamer but it is definitely something I find enjoyment from. A little hobby to keep me entertained. I enjoy playing a wide range of games but there is definitely one which stands out from the crowd for being a social game. An enjoyable game. A game which brings the deepest competitive spirit out of any individual. You can be a fan of games like me or you can be someone who has never touched a controller in your life yet you'll find satisfaction in this. That's right, Mario Kart is the game to light your gaming fire and steal your gaming virginity.

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You're sitting at home and you want to invite a friend around your house but you don't know what to do? Whack out the Wii, load in Mario Kart and check your controllers have plenty of battery and you're good to go. The one thing you have to bare in mind whilst you're sitting on your sofa waiting around is this could be the end of your friendship. You could call this companion suicide. The relationship ruiner. Mario Kart makes monsters. 

It starts friendly enough, I tell you that, but it turns south quickly. Your friend is first and you're behind them with a red shell. Decisions flash through your mind as you weigh up whether or not to pull the trigger. Your pal sitting next to you has no idea on what could be about to happen. Aggression flows through your mind as you see the finish line approaching and before you know it the red shell is flying toward your friend. Your finger had a mind of it's own. They notice and start to swear in panic and fear. You've hit them. You've overtaken them. You're past the line in 1st place. To rub salt in their wounds even more they end up finishing 4th. That's it. Tension is in the air. The cheesy music is playing on repeat in the background not helping matters at all, only adding fuel to the fire. Guess what though, you have a warm feeling of victory inside your belly. You'll step on anyone to become a champion of Mario Kart. Allegiances are tossed aside in the pursuit of glory.
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The second race is starting and the dirty tactics start to come out. You nudge one another and cough loudly to put one another off. This escalates to full on screaming and shouting as a blue shell is hunting you down. Insults start to fly. Once you've finished racing you need 5 minutes to chill out. Have a drink and a toilet break. You decide to try the team option and join forces to destroy the computer racers. You really think this will help? There is still lingering tension in the air from before but it does start off well. Your team are doing well and you're mending the friendship bridges your burnt down earlier. Last race is starting off and you realise your friend has earned more points for your team. You can't stand for this. Game face is on. You shove them off the track and cross the line. Your team has still won but you're number one. That's what matters to you.

This game works for everyone as well due to the array of characters you can choose from. It ranges from monkeys to princesses meaning it suits all genders. Waluigi is my choice if you're interested. You gain a connection with your main character and they're your general on the race course. They're who you trust to gain you victory. It even has a range of difficulties to suit all levels meaning you have an easy way to gain experience and develop your racing skills. I think I learnt half my driving skills from this game, just minus the banana skins and boosts. Plus it is social experience for sure, you can chat away in between races and even during if you're comfortable enough concentrating.

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It works for pre-drinks as well, just the drinking version of this family friendly gaming franchise. The rules are simple. You have a drink and it needs to be finished before the end of the race. We do abide by the law however are you aren't able to drink and drive. So how do you finish your drink you may ask? You have to pull up at the side of the track and chug away. This brings in numerous tactical decisions. Do you just down it at the beginning and try and catch up or would it be better to make numerous stops and drink little by little? That is a question you will have to decide upon for yourself.

You need to sort this out. Get this game in your life. It's not even expensive if you get the classic Wii version of the game. Let me know how your experiences of this game have been or are when you inevitably give it a go. Just make sure you play it with a really good friend who you can trust and forgive. You're going to enjoy this, trust me.