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Why Magic is Actually Magical.

Magic. It's, well, magical. That's the whole point and essence of it all. Somehow, someway however it actually get's a bit of a bad rap. Why though? Surely everyone would love a bit of magic in their lives? People think you're a bit of a dweeb if you wave your magic wand. Society thinks you're a bit of a loner if you shuffle some cards. Pull a rabbit out of a hat and rather than amazement you're greeted with apathy. The general consensus is that magic is for kids or people who are easily pleased. I don't understand why this is the case though. I am going to tell you this for free, magic has evolved, actually becoming pretty swanky. Still don't believe me? I'll explain why below.

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The whole white glove and black robe routine is a thing of the past. It's not about that style or vibe anymore. Street magic has definitely evolved further than anyone could have imagined and is a funky scene. I mean check out this video and all the reactions that come from the public That's right, it's more jeans and t-shirts now for sure, a lot more casual. No top hats in sight. This reason alone means magic has grown with society and has remained relevant all this time. You know this is popular in the public eye as a magician won Britain's Got Talent recently. Bare in mind the whole context of the show is that the public vote for their favourite acts meaning magic definitely has a place in the nations heart if handled correctly. TV shows such as Penn and Tellers Fool Us also exist, wowing audiences on a regular basis. It's similar to food in a way as well. As wrinkly Gordon Ramsay always states, there is such a think as old fashioned food and that doesn't have a place in our modern world. This same thing also applies to magic. We wouldn't respond in a favourable way if it was the same as it used to be. With it being presented in such a modern manner now however, see Dynamo for example, it definitely has a place in our hearts.

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Anyone can start up magic. Even the average Joe. You just need some patience, clever fingers and a knack for showmanship. Even I can manage a few different cheeky card tricks. It's like a cool version of drama, something to spice up the concept of performance. Also what better way to meet people than randomly riding up to them in the street and flashing a pack of cards or making a match stick vanish? No way is better than the magic highway. I mean, you might get the odd person who looks at you with disdain but most people are up for a spot of magic and mystery in their life. You could start as a shy recluse but with your new found cloak of confidence and magical side you will be the talk of the town and have your own little fan club. I mean people are popping up YouTube channels left right and center dedicated to teaching magic and sharing their skills, which I thought the magic circle frowned upon but there you go, getting numerous view and likes. You can definitely make a career of magic if you're good enough.

Now let's get onto my main and most valid point. Hazza P. That's right, the boy who lived and his rascal companions. Harry Potter. The reason why I and most kids wanted to be a wizard in our childhood. Have you had a chance to read the books? If not I would highly recommend you do so. Get yourself immersed into their world, as it is enjoyable for all ages, and come out at the end of this magical journey with a new dream. Hate to burst your bubble however Hogwarts, flying broomsticks and trolls aren't real. Neither is Santa. Sorry, I may have gone too far then. This doesn't stop you dreaming of receiving your Hogwarts letter however. This doesn't stop you dreaming of having a pet owl. This doesn't stop you from dreaming of waving a wand and creating sparks. What's the next best alternative if you can't become a real life wizard then? That's right, magic. Call yourself a wizard if you wish, who gives a damn? If any dark lord comes around you'll be on the case with a pack of cards and some magical rope. 

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Sometimes it helps to suspend belief. Why do you want to fully immerse yourself into a world of taxes, traffic and bills? Yes you have to do this from time to time but why not have a little side hobby which wow's an audience of any size? It's not even time consuming or tiring to do a few tricks. Learn the tricks of the trade, join the magic circle and put magic on the map. I know you'll definitely enjoy it and your charisma will shoot up. Maybe just leave the top hat and cape at home and you'll be good to go. 


Ashleigh said…
Can’t go wrong with a bit of magic ✨
Great post!
I’m sure Hazza P would agree 😉🤣 x
Well as long as I have Harry's support I'm on for a winner. Thank you for the comment!