Animal Kingdom

Who Rules in my Animal Kingdom?

We've discussed how the guinea pig is the secret manly pet and we've discussed how dogs are just straight down the best pet but what if we expanded from the home into the wilderness? I'm going to explain the merits of each of my top 3 favourite animals and open your eyes to some maybe slightly different choices. For the purpose of suspense I'll build up from the 3rd favourite to the more unique first choice. 

3rd Favourite - Rhino

The beautiful rhino. Big, rugged and docile, a bit like most middle aged men in the UK. One of a number of endangered species for its horns I find this animal both tough and beautiful. The first job I settled upon as a child was a rhino catcher which may sound like I wanted to hunt and hurt them but oh no no no. I always wished to ride these majestic creatures. As upper class English female teenagers want their very own horse to gallop around on I wanted my very own rough rhino ride to go to school on. You have to admit, that would be pretty epic now wouldn't it? They don't hurt anyone, they don't eat anyone and they don't offend anyone. What more could you ask? Well it turns out I have two other animals who improve upon this tank of a mammal.

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2nd Favourite - Penguin

The majestic penguin, the star of Madagascar, is a very popular animal. You go to any zoo and you can see numerous visitors enjoying their antics. They slide around on their bellies having the best of times. Talk about a walk as well ey? They waddle around with authority and clumsiness at the same time, a very unique combination. Why so high though? What about big manly predators such as lions, tigers or even sharks? I'd take these little guys and gals over them any day. I've already previously mentioned how they are stars of one children's movie however they are also the stars of numerous others such as Poppers Penguins and Happy Feet. Can you imagine Happy Feet having half as much success if it focused on a flamingo learning to dance? Nope. What about a seal? Nope. The penguin is the perfect fit for any role on the big screen which is why it is my Hollywood animal. The perfect combination of cute, clumsy and funny this is me represented in animal form. I also find it it fascinating that this is a bird which can't fly but manages to waddle and swim perfectly fine. Well swim elegantly and waddle in an uncoordinated fashion but you still get my point.

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Numero Uno - Duck

I know what you're thinking, a duck of all the animals in the world? Especially after I've explained my fear of birds flying overhead but ducks are more advanced than any of us can explain. Can they fly? Yes. Can they walk? Certainly. Can they swim? Affirmative. They're the master or land, sky and sea. If they weren't so peaceful and pleasant you'd be worried they could take over the world and eat us all. A worrying thought indeed. They're cute as well, let's be honest, have you seen them waddle? You can also actually have these as pets. Plus have you seen ducklings? Dear lord they're adorable. Furthermore, even though you shouldn't, what beats going to the local park and throwing bread at them to eat? Well a few things but it's still a nice experience. Look at the guy below. A handsome chap which an array of colours including an emerald green head. Also, have you tried duck? It's dam tasty that's for sure. The base animal for one of Disney's greatest characters Donald Duck you can't argue with why the duck is probably the most underrated animal out there. Screw the monkeys and the meerkats. Bugger the Zebras and Otters of this world. Give me a duck any day.

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That's it then, if I owned a zoo these guys would be my star attractions. Front a centre. My zoo might not do as well as others but it would be mine and at least I'd enjoy it I guess. These are my favourite animals for sure. If you have any wacky or different favourite animals then don't hesitate to let me know. Also remember the next time you see a duck be glad it doesn't eat people or we would be doomed.


Janita said…
Hahaha thank you for a good laugh! It was definitely something I needed today. I enjoyed reading your posts and your thoughts behind them 😊😊 I will definitely be reading more!
Lottie said…
Love it! If I had to choose a top 3 wild animals to own penguins would be top of my list followed closely by a hippo & a shark (yes I know they’re dangerous but they’re just so fascinating) 😊
Jesica said…
Haha! Love rhino!! Although my numero uno would be pandas :)x