Embracing Embarrassment

Why You Need to Embrace Embarrassment

Embarrassing situations come in all shapes and sizes, it's how you deal with them that shapes your experience coming out of it. I'm going to throw out the reasoning behind embracing what should humiliate you and why you need to take it in your stride. What makes me qualified to preach this? Well, I'm the master of the embarrassing moment and I'm going to share some today and hopefully you laugh at my misery.

I'll start tame, primary school times. I was in boring old art lesson. Who paid attention in art anyways? It was time for me to spice this party up a little bit. I stuck my fingers straight in the red paint and added a red nose and antlers to myself shouting, "I'm Rudolf," nice and loud. It was April at this point so not really the right season. This isn't the embarrassing moment. It's what followed that is. I thought I was hilarious but my teacher not so much, shouting at me and sending me to the headteachers office. I was sitting outside there for a whole 3 hours. I was meant to be going to drama club but instead of being the King in the school play I was playing the class clown outside the headteachers office. Nightmare. People passed me in the corridor calling me names and laughing at my now smeared red nose and face, my crying smearing it all the more. Eventually at half past 4 my gran picked me up and scorned me before telling all my family who's opinion of myself dropped instantly. All in the name of comedy.

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Venturing even further back to nursery times do you lot remember those tables that folded out? I'll leave an image of these bad boys below. Well I found out the hard way that these are embarrassment traps. So little old chubby me was wondering into lunch to stock up on cake and custard. Gobbled it up but in my haste dropped my favourite toy penguin. I went to reach through the gap to retrieve my toy but suddenly felt it was a lot more snug. No worries, I'll just pull my arm out. How wrong could I be? Not only could I not pull it out but I was starting to panic as my friends had left me. Would I lose my arm? Would I have to cut it off with a butter knife? Panic ran through my mind. The bell rang for next lesson. I was still stuck. A lunch lady walked past and shook her head, she must have thought I was skiving off from sand castle making that afternoon. I loved sand castle making but didn't have the courage to ask for help. I was stuck there for around 2 hours until my teachers noticed I was missing, locating me stuck and running out of hope. Two tubs of butter later my arms were lubed up enough that I could be freed from my prison.

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Embarrassment wasn't just limited to my younger years. I was 15 roughly when I was doing my paper round. Around a month prior I had been mugged for my mobile phone, not really embarrassing however it had definitely shook me. Now what I did not need was some jumped up chav teenagers in a park wanting to mug me for the papers I was delivering. That's exactly what I got though. What's worse is it was only the local newspaper. They approached me with a crowbar and I had no fight in me, I just sighed and said, "What can I give you?" I hadn't even replaced the mobile phone that was stolen from me from before. They wanted my papers and even after explaining it was all the same paper so they only really needed one in reality they wanted them all plus my bag for good measure. What rotten luck. I handed them over and cried when I was out of earshot. I then went home and made the call to the newsagent who employed me and let's just shorten the story here. I was fired. They didn't believe my story and I cried some more. I'd lost my dignity and job in one afternoon.

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My next story of embarrassing riches for this blog comes from high school. I was playing indoor football with some friends. Seems innocent enough. Not at all. I was running side by side with someone and I got the ball however my head also met the wall. I was knocked out cold for five minutes. I was knocked out cold by running head first into a wall. There's no other way to spin it. Not only that but my face was extremely bloodied. Not a great look. I walked through the school to the doctors and made at least one year 7 girl cry. I got sent home and had to explain to my family how I had knocked myself out on a wall. They even dragged me to hospital just for them to explain I was now fine and for them to have a good laugh at my misfortune. Brilliant.

The final tale of humiliation, from this blog at least, comes when I had my tooth taken out. Painless enough as you have injections to numb your face completely. It's what followed that caused the issues. My gran being a typical gran put me to bed despite me being perfectly fine in myself. The issue was all my friends came around one by one as I'd said I'd be out but alas my gran had other plans. She turned them away one by one stating how poorly I was. Enough was enough, I stormed down the stairs when one of my friends knocked on the door and told him I'd be coming out but not before my gran caught me and bluntly told said friend I would not be stepping outside and I was seriously ill. Naturally the next few days at school were filled with teasing about my pain and what a wimp I was in the whole procedure despite being up for football after an hour of the troublesome tooth being removed. 

I hope this has given you a chuckle and maybe gives your inspiration to share stories of your embarrassing moments. Sometimes it genuinely helps to get it off your chest. I've only started to scratch the surface of embarrassment in my life so there may be another one along these lines. Remember though, don't change you, or your past.


Thestoryofash said…
definitely made me chuckle! haha

thank you for yet another good laugh! :-)


www.thestoryofashleighdavis.com x x x
Anonymous said…
Embarrassment is part of the human journey. I think it's important to laugh it off, or if a person can't do that then simply move on from it, not put blame on themselves for it.

I used to have the mindset of getting embarrassed easily and I still do, but I tend to point out my embarrassments in a sense of letting the elephant in the room be acknowledged.
Unknown said…
I do stupid stuff from time to time. Then tell my lovely spouse of two decades all the sordid details and poof it's broadcast all over fb!
I consider it a public service, laughter, medicine, blah blah...
Great post! I think we all have those awkward moments, thanks for the chuckle!