Eurovision - A Camp Wonderland

Eurovision is a festival of colour, music and campness galore. You can't compare to this. As an outsider you'd think its gay pride but no, this is the pinnacle of European musical competition for all nations. So good even nations such as Australia have wanted to join the party and soak in the atmosphere. Some people may knock it but I can only praise it. Fun, fantastic and fabulous. Eurovision is something any age, any race and gender can enjoy. There's no sob stories like X-Factor, it's all about the fun and fantasy of entertainment. You won't see a sad face in the building and I can confirm why that is.

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Let's be honest as well, some of the songs are absolute bangers that vary in style and genre so whatever tickles your pickle you'll be a happy bunny. Pop is primarily where it's at but you also have rock, jazz, ballads and anything else your mind can imagine. Some of the songs even make it onto the charts and the artists are loving life. It's even give birth to stars such as this geezer below. Even when one of the songs are disappointing you can laugh at it and enjoy the spectacle. Honestly a lot of the songs are pretty dam swanky though for sure, you can't help but sing along even if you don't have a clue of the words. You a fan of Disney? You'll be a fan of this. You a fan of musicals? You'll be a fan of this. You a fan of slick dance routines and production. You'll be a fan of this. What's the common theme then? That's right, you'll be a fan of this.

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Not going to lie but it is a lot more enjoyable with a drink running through your veins as well. It's not a necessity but it's something which aids in your ability. It makes it even more elaborate and to be honest it is a long show. You're talking longer than an Avengers film in full and on par with an extended Lord of the Rings edition film. You ever played the Eurovision drinking game either? No? Don't make that decision lightly as you'll be feeling rough in the morning. If you haven't played it you need to, you make it up as you go along but there are lot of common themes such as each time UK get no points from every other nation you need to drink. You drink a lot as well. Why does everyone hate UK? You can even get friends around and make this a social event. Eurovision is something I watch with my missus and we have a right laugh watching it however as mentioned imagine having a house full of people with drinks watching this bad boy? Either way you're having a quality night feeling ten times better than you did earlier that day.

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Let's be serious for a moment now and just enjoy the fact this is an event which brings nations together in harmony. It's an all positive event, even with the clear biased other next door nations have for one another, meaning you can enjoy harmony on a screen for a change. The main heart warming thing to enjoy is looking at all the fans dressed up for the occasion, loving live as happy as llamas. Sometimes it's nice to see this for a change.

Hopefully this is a convincing blog which will convince you, the reader, of the merits of Eurovision. Not just the event but the spectacle it is. Even if you're not a fan of music you can be a fan of fun surely right? Also let's be honest you're going to be a fan of the music for sure I promise. It'll definitely open your eyes to something new. It's coming up this weekend so make sure you have a cheeky gander at least, see if you get hooked.


Anonymous said…
I have NEVER understood why people slagged off Eurovision. IT'S AMAZING!!!! And the fact it's so wacky (tacky) and wonderful is WHY it's so great (haha) ... I still am a fan of Jedward (LOL)
Unknown said…
I had a party during this year's Eurovision I was so mad to miss it... hahaha
I really enjoy it every year and the drinking game is fantastic!

Miriam |
I know so many people hate Eurovision but I don’t understand why. I freaking love it. It’s most growing musicians’ dream to get up on that stage. It was one of my dreams when I was younger... now pretty far from reality. (Can we take a moment to mention the staging as well? Wow). I don’t usually go on to listen to the artists that play Eurovision but this year a guy caught my eye (or ear rather... I’m kidding, he totally caught my eye too)) and my playlist is now filled with his songs and I’m learning to play them too 😂 like you said, there’s something for everyone