Popular Primary School Trends

What Was the Most Popular Primary School Trend?

We all know you fell victim to at least one these. Primary school trends. Yes, that's right, this is going to be a nostalgic blog for sure. I know we've got Fortnite now and we've had Pokemon GO recently but seriously how do you compare these to the thrills of the past? Kids nowadays don't know what they've missed. They don't even have trends now, just tablets and hashtags. It makes me sick. Let this blog be a celebration of the past, a homage to the good old times and a trip down memory lane.

Pokemon Cards

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Where else do you start ey? The ultimate trend. Don't get me wrong I know no one actually played it or knew how to do so but man if you didn't catch 'em all then were you even a child? I remember when I was in Beavers (ladies take a step back) one lad brought in all his trades and threw them in the air announcing we could take them all. It was like World War three. We jumped in headfirst and scrambled around grabbing pieces of card. Yes that's right, fighting over cardboard rectangles with pictures on. It's hard to explain but there was no better thrill than having a shiny Charizard was there? Any shiny card is worth it's weight in gold. Trading was a big part, everyone loved to collect their favourite fictional monsters. I bet you have some still tucked away in your room collecting dust. Pokemon was and continues to be massive but do you see Pokemon cards in the same glory as you did back in the day? No. It's a shame for sure. Plus on a side note I'd like to say it's ruined nowadays anyways, you used to have ass kickers such as Nidoking and Tauros but now you're stuck with ice-cream wannabes.


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Let 'em rip! A catchphrase which rang through playgrounds around the UK. You either had a parent who fueled your new found addiction and purchased you a fancy stadium or you simply turned a bin lid over, utilizing your surroundings. This was actually something you played and had a very competitive nature. Not like there was much skill involved mind you. All you did was pull a cord and watched your circular warrior spin into battle against a rival. You certainly felt a sense of pride in victory and devastation in defeat however. Then you had the cheaters. Yes you have cheaters in all walks of life and that includes Beyblading. Those you would somehow locate larger weight disks which would swat your Beyblade aside almost as if an annoying wasp. Collectible designs, customization galore and crazy wars this trend definitely captured many an imagination.


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Another card trend, I know, what is it about cards? Well, it's time to duel. I actually prided myself on my Yu-Gi-Oh dueling abilities for sure. Ranked 3rd in our primary school, come at me. That's right, we had a ranking system, that's how big it was in our school. Someone even stole my Blue Eyed White Dragon to spite me for the loss I inflicted upon himself earlier that day. This was massive. The cartoon was good but the cards were immense. It actually encouraged brain activity as you had to be strategic in order to obtain victory. They were designed well, had a lot of quirks and variations of your deck were almost endless. If you weren't sitting on a bench outside dueling or on a desk inside with your deck you were probably spectating. Also, let's be real, if you had an on arm card holder you were the don of your school, fact. 


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"What's your woodcutting level? Mines 67 now." This was the ultimate boasting game for sure. You boasted about your statistics and it was the talk of the town, well, school. I didn't play this much as I didn't get my first laptop until this started to die down but it definitely aided me with numerous life skills. Social skills, trading skills and patience were all key factors that were developed through travelling the world of Runescape. School finished but you would keep in touch with your friends in this virtual world and it was extremely popular in that respect. It also helped me to locate my first ever 'girlfriend' at that point. It was as simple as someone typing, "Type 1234 if you want a girlfriend," and I thought I wanted a piece of that action so typed those magical numbers away, never looking back. She boasted she looked like Rihanna as we got to know one another however I'm thinking now reflecting upon this it was probably a Steve from Luton or something.


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A lot of these trends were more male orientated and I am aware I have a biased opinion as I would have appreciated the male trends more being an average bloke, well at the time an average boy, but there were definitely some out there for the ladies. Tamagotchi was a massive hit. I had one, I admit it. It never lived over a day however there were people who embraced their parental responsibilities and raised their little buddy. This could also explain the start of teen pregnancy as the Tamagotchi gave little girls the taste for parenthood and they just couldn't wait to pop out their own babies. That's definitely a new spin on it for sure. Small, trendy and fine to fit in your pocket math classes were never the same when you had one of these bad boys.


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I know, this one confused me also to be honest but they took the corridors of schools by storm. It's just junk. Let's be honest it really is. My god though if you didn't have one around you wrist you weren't worth talking to. Like certain people wear festival bracelets around their wrist to show their vast life experiences children wore these as an indication of coolness. A wide variety of colours and options brightened up the playground and it wasn't an accessory limited to females. Males would be flashing these bad boys on their arms for sure. A definite fashion statement.

There you go, a brief summary of numerous trends that were a big hit back in my day. Just to clarify I'm 25 at this time of writing so I aren't as old as I'm sounding but I definitely enjoyed these times. Nostalgia is still real. If you aren't missing one of these then did you have a childhood? I'm not sure. Either that or you're fully immersed in modern trends but do they really measure up the old ones? Nope. 


Anonymous said…
I think you forgot gameboys but man this made me feel old aha!
Nicola said…
Haha Tamagotchis were the best! There are so many things I miss about the 90s!

Unknown said…
Tamagotchi and Pokemon cards were amazing inventions. They’re still going around in one format or another